Imagine Modern Vikings
Window poster, exhibition and website
Jorcks Ejendomme (property owner) has this empty store for rent into an unknown future, right in the middle of the main pedestrian street in Copenhagen, Denmark. Putting up a poster saying "For Rent" is uncreative and down right pointless, since that's not the way you find new tenants.
So they called me.
The art exhibition that I made is a hypothesis: What would Denmark and everyday objects look like, if we had preserved more of our viking culture, by rejecting Christianity, Latin letters, and other things typical of pan-European culture.
Besides a short text in Danish and English (since it is in the centre of the tourist trap), there is a URL and a QR code pointing to a website made for the occasion. The website is in Danish, English and Swedish.
There are two holes to look through. Behind one there is a small exhibition of some objects on a lambskin, in the other a slideshow with mood pictures.
In the process... Exhibition, video screen and backlight not yet in place...
But imagine the joy of walking down a pedestrian street with an attack ax in hand.
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